Drag Racing 101 - A Beginner's Guide

This document was created specifically for newcomers to the sport of drag racing.  The lack of basic information about drag racing leads many new drivers to frustration or abandoning the sport.  This 40 page primer steers new racers through the necessary steps to safely and competitively participate in drag racing.  This guide explains what a new driver should know but is sometimes afraid to ask; from properly completing a tech card to analyzing a time slip.  Topics such as tech card, tech inspection, first visit to a drag strip, conduct and ethics in staging lanes and pits, staging the car, safe burnout, proper launch technique, safely completing a pass, reading a time slip, psychological aspects of racing and analyzing race data are all covered in this easy to comprehend tutorial.

Here are examples of feedback that we've received from readers:

"Just got done reading your article Driving Guide 101.  It was well written and very detailed.  Had I read that prior to my first track day, I would have avoided a lot of hassle.  So would others.  Some were there in flip flops and shorts.  I had no helmet.  That took an hour + out of my track time to go find one at a Honda dealership.  And, luckily the guy who sold it to me said it was SNELL rated for "drag racing".  I think your Guide is great!  Would have helped me out a lot.  But since I am still new, I didn't see anything left out.  But as a beginner, it covered everything in great detail.  The only suggestion I have is....Possible photos of what your describing.  The "TREE", staging areas, PIT area sample photos for parking, clothing attire, etc.  Just a suggestion.  Other than that.....I would rate it a 10!  Hope you have a great day.  G. in AZ. "

"I have read your document.  Overall I was very pleased and grateful that someone took the time to write this.  It was exactly what I needed since I have never even been to the track to watch let alone race.  Answers to your questions:

1a. It was easy to read.

1b. Since I have never raced, I do not know if all aspects were covered or not, I may find out soon if the wife permits.

1c. I think you nailed the perfect combination of technical info for the average reader.  I personally enjoy ‘white papers’ that are full of words that I have to look up to complete the research I started.  I am also the type to research something months in advance before ever trying it, so maybe a little more technical info would have been good for a person like me.

1d. I was specifically looking for the combination of rpm and clutch release speed to launch a stock 02 coupe corvette, but your paper was not written specifically for the corvette, which I understand.  Also the burnout on street tires… I did have to reread that section to answer my question as to whether or not to burn out with street tires."

"I think the article is very well written, like you said more for beginners.  I think it will be a very good read for the beginning drag racer.

"Hi there,

Thanks for emailing me. I hadn’t finished reading the guide. So I got busy and completed reading it. And I really enjoyed the insight into drag racing. There was more to it than I thought. So when I get to try drag racing I am sure that this article will have been an extremely useful item to have read. And I am sure I will be reading it a few more times before I get to the strip..... So thank you very much for the guide. I will be printing it out and keep it as a reference. Good for you for putting this together. I hope that this turns into something big for you.



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