Drag Racing 101 - Individual Instruction

For some drivers, reading "Drag Racing 101 - A Beginner's Guide" may not be sufficient to comfortably participate in drag racing.  Therefore, hands-on instruction is also available in groups or on one-on-one basis. 

An instructor (NHRA-licensed driver and a graduate of Frank Hawley's NHRA Drag Racing School) will review everything that the Guide covers, familiarize the driver with the race track facility (tech, pits, staging lanes, etc.), and accompany the student through every stage of making a pass right up to the launch.  Each pass will be recorded and critiqued on-site (our race trailer is equipped with LCD TV, VCR, DVD, etc.).  At the end of the session, the recorded passes are given to the student for at-home viewing free of charge.

An instructor will meet students at any of New Jersey's three drag strips (Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, Atco Raceway, or Island Raceway) during a "Test and Tune" event.  Alternatively, group instructions may be held during a private track rental.  Space at private rentals is limited to 14 drivers.  During "Test and Tune" events, drivers will typically complete 6 passes.  During private rentals, the number of passes will depend on the driver's progress and pace.  It is not uncommon for some drivers to complete over 20 passes during private sessions.

Drivers who successfully complete NHRA-required number of runs may be eligible for an NHRA competition license.


Instruction during "Test and Tune" event - $300.  Includes instruction, 2 tech cards guaranteeing 6 passes, video of the session, and "Drag Racing 101 - A Beginner's Guide".  Discounts for multiple sessions apply.

Instruction during private track rental  - $500.  Includes instruction, unlimited passes, snacks and soft drinks, video of the session, and "Drag Racing 101 - A Beginner's Guide."

For more information or to arrange a session, e-mail Instructor